Thursday, February 9, 2012


With Shante Hobbs with my Nikon D90, attached with my Tamron 24-105mm f2.8. This is my second shoot with this model and this Photo Shoot was extremely chill, as the music on blast, "Doing Time (TSP's Broken Watch Mix)" -by Garmisch

Nevertheless, this concept/ look I was going for was a sexy Trooper look, but like one of the audience members on Chase Jarvis Live stated, "I freaked it". I had sent the a finish version to the model and, she exclaimed "Is that, me...?" 

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Props:- White background Roll paper. 

Camera:- Nikon D90 w Tamron 24-105mm F/2.8
With a radio transmitter attach via the hot shoe 

Lighting:- Softboxes & one above the head Umbrella 
on light stand with radio receiver attached. 

Model:- Shante Hobbs
An amazing aspiring model.... 


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