Saturday, December 17, 2011


Maia Roberson
1/15sec @ f/4 ISO 250 w
105mm f/2.8 Lens

  Recently the thoughts and ideas in my head has a lot to deal with life, culture, and struggle. So I figured, why not make a connection between them all. With that in mind I set out to express myself in the best way I know how. The image above shows my inner thoughts about life and how our culture feels towards the struggle. Since we are all in the dark about it.


Do all your pictures have meaning to them?


Yes and No!  I tend not to focus on a meaning behind a photograph but yet a story. Reason being, is that a story can branch off into various ideas and thoughts. Whereas, looking to shoot for a meaning would only make you think one thing, and not allow your mind to wonder.


dleal said...

Very creative with the effects you give it, #talent

Maya said...

You captured the emotion in it beautifully, like you always do! I love the attention to detail and the way you portray the story behind it, it makes you see some new feeling each time you look at it and it makes it something really amazing that's hard to stop looking at. Beaaaauuutiful:))

Maya said...

I meant to add - I love how Maia is almost right out of the darkness of the background, it's like the darkness is creeping up but she's pulling out of it. Super awesome!

i am rizo said...

Nice pic my dude,u and Maia handled business wit this one

Anonymous said...

A very strong photo my dude and it symbolizes wht many ppl may be goin thru but don't realize

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