Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Doctored Up Look

               A few nights ago I had a very interesting conversation with a lovely, aspiring model by the name of Sheila Hurd. Our chat contained several topics, but the one topic that stood out from the others was my editing. Upon showing her this picture. She responded with a statement, I 'm beginning to here more often, which is "It looks very crisp, like an HD photo".
              She also went ahead and stated that "It is great to see a photo where the focus of the photo isn't distracted by the 'doctored up' look".  I enjoyed that statement, since growing up with hearing a lot of old proverbs which have became to governed mostly all my decision making. "A little, goes a long way". I just don't understand, why photograph a person then make them look like they are painting on a canvas. Why not just Paint them...?


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